Natural leather symbolizes life and correlation with nature and history. Production of natural leather articles – unique ancestral invention, which is still used.

Goods of natural leather – durable, fashionable and long-life. You can trust them, because they are resistant to the ordeal of time and weather changes. Unique, because with time they become more beautiful. It is a modern and timeless classic and practical luxury.

Vilga – producer of natural leather haberdashery, which brings together traditions and latest technologies. A highly experienced company produces and performs wholesale, retail trade in Lithuania and the Baltic countries.

A wide range of gloves, handbags, portfolios for documents, luggage, belts for men and women and other leather accessories. We sew with design, which designers created and only from carefully selected high-quality natural leather. We work according to individual orders because we want to satisfy customer needs.

We value our customers, because of that we constantly improve through innovation and modern equipment, also according to market needs we follow the modern fashion trends and we maintain product quality.



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